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Tips for dating a college athlete


I was a college athlete swimmingand still compete now and then — as well as work out daily.

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Here are few more items for your list:. Following a game or tournament, get in the habit of taking his arm and putting it around you — if it is not there already. In fact, the less spoken the better. He is always eating. Bring food, particularly if you prepared it.

He will brag to him teammates about this. He spends a lot of time around other men. So wear something cute and girlie. You are NOT one of the boys. Depending on the sport many are outside get used to taking a blanket with you to stay warm. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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An Untitled Journey About. His teammates are his brothers and also just as equally important as you, DO NOT try and come between them.

When he calls to tell you what he did that day, most likely it will include; weights, school, practice, and getting food with the teammates. On top of that make sure you actually pay attention and try to start learning at least the rules of the game, and the players.

Realize that everything he feels about his sport, he feels it Tips for dating a college athlete deeply and it affects every aspect of him… therefore you will feel it too. He will need his guy time more than the average male, so let him go out… being a college athlete is stressful.

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College sports are a full time job and NO he cannot also have a job because his schedule is sporadic and his free time limited. It will most likely feel like you are the one making all the consequences in your relationship. That is because you are… but understand he would do more if he could, this is just the way it goes.

Do not try and give advice because he will not listen and it will only frustrate him more. Being around him and his teammates… you will learn some very unusual and most likely disturbing things about males, you never knew before. You better be patient because sitting outside in the rain for hours a day to watch his games can be brutal, but ultimately worth every second when he glances at you for.

Unless he is one of the lucky few and his parents are loaded… he will have no Tips for dating a college athlete, so you will be the sugar momma. You need to be strong, independent, confident, and have your own life in order to date a college athlete or you will experience depression.

Sometimes it is nice because you actually have time to take care of yourself and do YOU things.

You will probably have a mini heart attack every time you see him in his uniform because… well because hot! Overall you need to be supportive and learn to listen, putting him before yourself and understanding that his sport is his passion, and that he has committed almost his whole life to… it is his other relationship and you have to respect that.

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