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Dear reader, please upgrade to the latest version of IE to have a better reading experience. Noman shares her experience of that day just hours before departing for Lahore to join the protest rallies there. Soon, they started shoving lawyers and political activists into the waiting police vans "Faizan peerzada wife sexual dysfunction" our protest against the high-handedness.

I first tried to run back into my bus, but they got hold of me at the entrance of the vehicle. When the policewomen started pulling my clothes, I feared that they might tear my shirt.

While women lawyers in Lahore were able to protest safely without being manhandled or obstructed, their colleagues in Karachi were not as lucky. In fact, their plight was bemoaned by PPP stalwart Naheed Khan, Faizan peerzada wife sexual dysfunction was ashamed at the treatment of women protestors. Regarding their behaviour, Noman says: As soon as I was put into the prison van, their attitude changed completely.

I recall one policewoman actually having tears in her eyes and telling me that our struggle is noble and bound to succeed. The fact is, women protesters face different challenges when it comes to participating in the Long March.

My mother was particularly concerned when I was held by the police. The writer was a former member of the Dawn. The views expressed by this writer and commenters below do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of the Dawn Media Group. Dear reader, online ads enable us to deliver the journalism you value. Please support us by taking a moment to turn off Adblock on Dawn.

Women on the March Salman Siddiqui March 14, Comments 91 Closed Popular Newest Oldest. Mar 16, Here in India I have a cutting from a provincial newspaper of where in an astrologer claims that moon eclipse that acurred at that time spelled doom for Pakistan.

Five or six years later East Pakistan seperated from West Pakistan and Banladesh came into existence. I had pasted this prophecy in my book of paper clippings against the photo copy of the Instrument of Surrender signed by Lt Gen Faizan peerzada wife sexual dysfunction. Niazi and accepted by Lt Gen Arora, along with the photo taken at that very moment.

Nearly thirty nine years later it appears that Pakistan has learnt nothing from past experiances. For the whole humanity it is a matter of grave cocern. We do welcome the stand taken by The Government of Pakistan to reinstate the sacked Hon'ble Chief Justice of Pakistan, but the prophecy keeps hovering around me.

Hope that Pakistan comes out of shock and recognises that it is the pepople that matters, and calls for a revolutioary change in the entire economic structure, particularly in agrararian sector with reforms for which Islam asks its followers to do.

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People of this sub-continent are people who laid the foundations of civilisation over which others had developed themselves and became masters intheir time. People have to be empowered to command respect in its full sense. May Allah Subhanu ta ala grant His mercy upon us and salvage us from this filth. Mar 14, The Long March is for the 'Rule of Law'. Look at Tahira Abdullah's shameful arrest.

Look at the way she was manhandled. And then this was insulted by Nabeel Gabol and the other infamous 'puppet' ministers. Can the PPP ever again dare to claim to be a liberal party which believes in striving for women rights? Rasta thora hi baaqi hay, Dekho dekho woh manzil Hay.

This Faizan peerzada wife sexual dysfunction a wonderful opportunity for the women of Pakistan to take a public stand on their country's affairs. It will not be long before the Taliban take over the country and the women will be back under strict Islamic code of conduct. People like Samina Nouman are the real heroes of our country. As a Pakistani I am proud of her.

I think this is not the right way we should talk about Faizan peerzada wife sexual dysfunction. This is damaging for our own country. We are paying the high price for having a corrupt and incompetent government. I saw some of the images of manhandling of female protesters I admire the courage shown by female lawyers like Mrs.

There is no turning back and their struggle and sacrifices will definitely be rewarded soon. This is a turning point in our history. Its the same old story about ppp. I see the picture and i feel ashamed of myself and the society we live in. We are all so good at following orders aren't we, without even giving our own thoughts a chance. It is a noble cause that these people are fighting for, if and only if, they are able to get what they have set out for, i. I hope, yet again, that the suffering these brave women have gone through brings in prosperity and justice to the country and not a new set of "same kind" of power lovers.

Faizan peerzada wife sexual dysfunction all due respect, I want to say that if the former chief justice was a man of integrity, he would have voluntarily given up the fight for his post. But, we all know that he is not a man of integrity.

I dont like Zardari one bit, but unfortunately we will have to back him in his decision to stand firm to the blackmail by the blackcoats and manipulative former chief justice and PML-N. For gods sake, leave the country alone. Surprise us by finishing the government. It's an absolute shame the way things are being handled by our ruler s.

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What did the people of Pakistan expect when Asif Zardari became the president? Quaid-i-Azam Mohamad Ali Jinnah if given another choice would never have given Pakistan to such people.

'As a woman, it is...

This is a shame for all of us as a nation. Women and old citizens have been manhandled. Do we have any moral values? Most policemen and Faizan peerzada wife sexual dysfunction have families too and they should fear that time can repeat itself and the tables could one day turn on them.

God help us all! Hats off to the women like Samina Noman and others. I am from India, where such protest marches are relatively easy even for women.

I salute Samina and others like her. May God bless them and I pray that they are successful in their efforts. I think the long march should be left to the men and women participants in Islamabad on behalf of all the women of the country. Rest of the women could also "Faizan peerzada wife sexual dysfunction" a 'sit in' at appropriate forums near their place of residence.

This is not London. It's hot and humid Karachi, and the same is true in most parts of Pakistan.

The reason of course is...

I am a resident of Germany. On the one hand, I am very concerned about the current situation in Pakistan, but, on the other, I also see that its citizens are vigorously claiming and practicing their democratic rights, which is a very good sign for the entire region.

I sincerely hope that Pakistan comes out of this turmoil a more stable and prosperous nation. Shame on you President Zardari! I thought we had democracy in Pakistan. Harassment of women is the worst thing a nation can think of. The prime minister show now show his mettle and stop such things from happening. Everybody is coming out to participate in the long march to resolve the judiciary issue, but Faizan peerzada wife sexual dysfunction goverment of Pakistan is not even thinking seriously to resolve the issue.

I would like to thank Ms Noman for her heroic efforts in a very laudable cause for the restoration of an independant judiciary in our country. At the same time I feel ashamed that our women have to face such behaviour by a so called democratic government which looks no different from the army generals of the past.

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