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Questions to ask someone on internet hookup


You just bought your second computer. Perhaps you got a smart TV, light switch, video- streaming box, or Echo or Echo-like device. Whatever the device, you want to connect it to the internet. Become a Patron of Ask Leo! The basis of your LAN will be ethernet. That ethernet is then connected to a router.

Routers control two important things. Each of your devices need an ethernet adapter. Your internet goes in one connection, and you connect your devices to ethernet ports. Laptops, portable devices, utility devices, and even a few desktops now use short-range 1 wireless networking technology known as Wi-Fi.

The wireless router combines the functions of two devices: And yes, ISPs often provide a single box that combines all three devices: A wireless access point is a device that acts as a translator between wired ethernet signals and wireless Wi-Fi signals.

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You do not need two routers. It connects all your wireless devices to the router.