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Too faced return of sexy


As you know from a prior post I did, I really feel like this formulation is quite similiar to Japanese Eyeshadows. They are soft, almost creamy and build super easily. Unlike past Too Faced Box of Shadows this offers the option to create six looks instead of three. The large Too faced return of sexy compact features 15 total eyeshadow arranged in three groupings to create an evening and a day look.

Small how to get the look cards are tucked into a tiny pocket by the mirror. I think the new shadow formulation will be thrilling for some, confusing for others, and perhaps even disappointing for others. I posted some photos in this review that feature a few different Japanese eyeshadow compacts so you can understand the comparison I am trying to make!

If you love and enjoy Japanese Eyeshadows you should have no issues with this formula. Where as Too Faced normally favors a velvet, thicker eyeshadow formulation.

What it does: From sexy...

These are a lighter formula with a sheerer color pay off that can be built using the correct tools. Sponge tip applicators build up color fantastically and also keep fall out to a minimum these tend to produce a good deal of fall out.

After color is in place you can blend using your other brushes. They are soft almost creamy with Too faced return of sexy refined sparkle. The formula glides on eyes easily without skipping or patchiness.

They almost feel like a hybrid cream and powder formula.

You also might be a little surprised at the texture and lack of drama. Another perk of the palette is Too Faced names each shade in the palette. So this is a nice extra and perk of the Return of the Sexy Palette. Overall, this one was a winner for me. Anyone who adores Japanese makeup will understand the joy.

Remember, building is key for the best pay off and that can be Too faced return of sexy best with simple, Too faced return of sexy sponge applicators. I got my start in makeup with Kate eyeshadow, so at first that was all I knew. I swatched it in store and was very disappointed by the lack of pigmentation.

I like my shadows rich and buttery, and these were sheer and too shimmery for my taste. This palette is on my wishlist-thanks for the tip about using sponge-tip applicators, as I usually use brushes to apply my eyeshadow.

The layout in this palette reminds me of the Lancome Color Design palettes. I might try this one out. Are those green or more gray? Would you recommend this as a start? I want this so bad. Must figure out how this fits into the staple category.

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