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Hookup after a spinal cord injury


What is the sex life of someone in a wheelchair like? I surf and just started studying gold smithing. I just kind of live my life, you know, live my life with a spinal cord injury. I volunteer and also work for Project Walk Orlando. So I go around and teach people, educate them about disabilities and people with disabilities, and Hookup after a spinal cord injury on the rehabilitative side.

What was your sexual development before that? Well in High School, I came into sexuality early and lost my virginity at So I did have some experiences before my accident and I guess you could say they were regular experiences that we all go through, some failures and some successes.

So, everything that I will say pretty much pertains just to me. What can you let me keep?

recovering from spinal injury (Ginsberg,...

Did doctors talk about that with you at all? Was that something that came up in conversations with the doctors? My accident happened inand the rehabilitative community was still very young on the sexual aspect. They gave me a huge book on the whole rehabilitative process and what I should expect physically.

But nothing much in there, maybe like 2 or 3 pages covered sex. Yeah, and actually one of my doctors, the head doctor, she made a sex video. Well, I call it a sex video, but it was a medical video, and it was horrible. It was not the right representation of what I would have thought of sexuality, especially after disability. So they kind of touched upon it, but not really. It was kind of like being thrown in the fire and having to run really quick.

I was able to get an erection naturally. They had different methods of either giving you an erection, or helping you in sustaining an erection. Either with a vacuum pump or medicine, but you had to inject the medication. So your options were limited. So that was really hard on my mind.

You know, it kind of plays with you for Hookup after a spinal cord injury little bit. So how did things develop in terms of sexuality and dating? Well, dating, I just kind of went right back into it. I just jumped back into everything that my life entailed. Not that everything was great that I did. I had all those worries, about the erection and all that.

They were willing to be with me, date me, and kind of get into sessions. What can I do with my mouth? Then one day, Viagra came and that was I swear a godsend to me. Yeah Hookup after a spinal cord injury was revolutionary and it was great. I mean come on, you got a young man who suffered an accident. One of the big parts "Hookup after a spinal cord injury" his life gets taken away for a very sexual person.

I had learned before Viagra came out what to do with my fingers, what do with my other sensations, how to make myself feel good in my mind especially. It works really well. It has some side effects with it, but you weigh the options out. I get a clogged up nose, and sometimes I get a headache. But definitely worth it.

There were two points in my sexual life when everything changed. It had to be at least 5 years. That was a highlight in my sexual life. The other thing that totally changed my sexual life for the better was when I started introducing toys into the bedroom. I use them as an extension of me. Then you will see that the sexual world will really open up to you. There are so many options out there.

LELO is a great company, by the way.

It depends on the injury...

I found that company and I was Hookup after a spinal cord injury this is it. The other end turns it around and you just could do a lot with it. Yeah, with toys, you can do anything. What about your orgasms? You talk about pleasing your partners, what is the kind of pleasure that you get in your experience? I was talking to a friend about this today also.

Once again, like I said, this all just pertains to me. After the accident, I do not have that. I have ejaculate but it goes back into the urethra. What happens is that you learn to really use your mind a lot. Everything connects and when it all connects perfectly, in that perfect moment, boom! I think it has to do with what I can feel as far as sensation.

If my partner maybe starts touching my arm again it feels amazing. Its strange it happened this way, I guess I always had an open mind after my injury because sex is such an important part of my life. We are human beings. Same desires and everything. Yeah, I mean people with disabilities are just like people without disabilities. It runs the gamut. Are you married, do you have a family, do you have kids? No, no, and no. At the talking Hookup after a spinal cord injury right now.

Everybody knows my whole history now! Working as an ambassador for Project Walk Orlando I obviously meet tons of new people with different levels of injury.

It comes down to communication, creativeness, and open about everything especially in Hookup after a spinal cord injury bedroom. Everything happens to me in the bedroom, trust me. As a spinal cord injury person you go through bladder problems and bowel problems.

But you prepare for it if you need to, you communicate, stay open with each other, and just love each other. Other people might be more sensitive about it, so it all depends. You have to read the person.

recovering from spinal injury (Ginsberg,...

When you decide to get into a sexual conversation with someone, you have to read someone in a wheelchair similar to someone without a visible disability. Have you had experience with that sort of thing? I did have an experience with that, but to me it was good. She was more interested and curious by it and it became fetish-like for her without it being out of control. I was lucky to run into the good side, I guess. Yes, I am and glad you brought that up.

The chemicals in the brain overtake with those orgasmic sensations.

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