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Post-ssri sexual dysfunction prevalence meaning


Recommend FPrime to your librarian or information manager to request an extended free trial for all users at your institution. It is now well known that the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors SSRIs can cause sexual side effects SSE such as anorgasmia, erectile dysfunction, diminished libido, and genital anesthesia.

SSE may contribute to noncompliance with treatment regimens and significantly impair the patient's quality of life [3,4]. In the prevalence of SSE, there is a marked discrepancy between what Post-ssri sexual dysfunction prevalence meaning advertised by the pharmaceutical industry and what clinical evidence is, with exponentially increasing numbers [5,6].

SSRIs can cause long-term effects on all aspects of the sexual response cycle that may persist after they are discontinued [8]. Assessing for the sexual side effects of antidepressant medications has proven challenging. In many cases, sexual dysfunction is already present before the patient initiates SSRIs, and most often he does not report this to his physician [9].

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Some of the risk factors include earlier onset of illness, greater severity of depression, being married, and being male [10]. In this text published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, Csoka et al. Case information was obtained via a structured clinical interview and the application of the Changes in Sexual Functioning Questionnaire and the Arizona Sexual Experiences Scale.

The structured interview protocol included systematic questioning of concerns, symptoms, and changes related to libido, "Post-ssri sexual dysfunction prevalence meaning" of arousal and genital sensitivity, quality of orgasm, and overall sexual satisfaction during four baselines: Significant physical and mental health history, history of any evaluations investigating alternative causes for the persisting sexual dysfunctions, and the impact of the persistent sexual problems on quality of life were also explored.

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