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When did amaro and rollins start hookup


There is really no earthly way that the SVU team could continue to function after the events of the past couple of seasons. Apart from Ice-T's character, each one of them has tarnished their career and ruined their credibility with each other and with the system on multiple occasions. Seriously, I feel like everyone on the show has been investigated by IAB.

Rollins is the worst example recently since she actually is corrupt while the others just showed bad judgment but I would hate to have Amaro, Benson, or Cassidy assigned to any of my cases because of all of the baggage they have and how vulnerable they are to having their secrets and mistakes used against them.

It's gotten to the point where the quality of their actual investigations might not even matter any more -- any judgment call they make from now on and these kinds of cases are held together by judgment calls can be easily called into question.

Jamha- keep in mind this show is fiction, it's not real. What happens in real life doesn't always happen on this show. SVU is not in any danger of being cancelled, from what I've seen.

It's in the category of being renewed. All cop shows have a distortion of reality, none of them are percent correct. It's fiction and it's not reality it's just a show. Bending the rules does apply. Nothing is percent accurate. Together with Donal Logue they created something really worth watching.

That said, I really think that Rollins should be either fired, demoted to uniformed or at least transfered out of SVU. Because to me in such situation most people would confess to the assassination of Kennnedy.

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I loved this episode so frickin much. Sure Rollins did wrong but I still love that character. She got flaws just like me and - don't get me wrong I like Benson - she's not superwoman like Olivia. Man she was desperate, willing to go down on him even, geesh.

But that's how much her works means to her, and she wasn't willing to let another person get hurt. I'm not defending what she did - okay a little - she was clearly out of bounds but I'm so happy she's still around.

Liv's comment about them getting a room was totally inappropriate. And the Rolivia ship has certainly sunk, When did amaro and rollins start hookup not even a submarine.

Man was Tmblr raging about that. Oh there was just so much awesomeness in that ep it's my favorite of the season. I stand by it. She said something to whoever was calling about 'you know we are spread pretty thin here' so I'm guessing that's when she found out.

I get she has to be strict as a boss but man is boss Benson a meanie. This episode was epic and as a whole it was the most intense i have seen this season It was well written and the plot twists were so effctive! I really wish fans would stop having gold-fish memory and next time an amanda centric episode comes by we wont have to read the same "Kelli Giddish cant actshe hasnt showed any talent, she is a joke and we want her gone" comments.

I really hope that the hardcore svu fans, though they have their hearts set on eliot, liv etc they can be fair and When did amaro and rollins start hookup that though Amanda deserves criticism Kelli is an ACTOR and a GOOD one and she deserves respect and support. Did I actually use the word realism? I don't care if SVU is realistic or not.

It doesn't have to be realistic portrayal of law and police but I feel like it should be realistic portrayals of human beings.

That's the only criticism I have of this episode which was otherwise gripping -- the ending, it didn't feel like something these characters would say or do. Ill be glad when bitchy benson goes away she has been downright mean. Rollins should be fired. Her When did amaro and rollins start hookup is too big of an issue to look past because of staff problems. She was willing to do anything sexual for Declan and that's worse.

Threatening a pregnant woman with a gun - loaded or not - even undercover too - is wrong wrong wrong. I would have less problem with this episode had she been canned at the end. There is no excuse for them to keep her on in the face of such horrible behavior. You are right Chris, she was willing to do anything even before she knew Declan was in law enforcement.

She cannot be trusted with anything. I have always liked Donal. It would help if Raul actually appeared on the show in more than the credits. Nice story though, they worked it out well - up until her keeping her job, that is.

Is someone giving Benson crabby pills? Why are they making her so cold and stern? Is it the stereotype that all women bosses have to be cold and bitchy? They're ruining the Sarge! Turns out the only one whose radar was working correctly was Amaro. He was "stalkerish" but he has had Rollins number for a When did amaro and rollins start hookup longer than the others.

I think Amanda is a nuisance within the squad. She never fit in it. And Olivia Benson is not evil, nor shrew. Simply, it is at the moment, the new squadron commander. And Commander, have to command. Close your eyes to irregularities and violations of his subordinates is not unreasonable. I really enjoyed this episode. All the actors regular and main guests brought their "A" game to their performances. I am actually someone who does see some chemistry between Rollins and Amaro but despite Benson's concern about a brewing relationship and other allusions throughout the episode I don't think that's what it is.