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Sometimes understated roles lead to big breaks.

31 Million Reasons

That has certainly been the case for South African actor Fana Mokoena, who can now brag about working with A-list actor-turned-producer Brad Pitt in the apocalyptic horror, World War Z. Debashine Thangevelo caught up with Mokoena to find out what it was like being on set.

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The actor says his initial reaction was sheer disbelief. But they started shooting in September And that was the direction I took. As for working alongside Hollywood giant Pitt, he says: I got to seem him as a human being.

We got to chat about South Africa. He told me about his experiences in Cape Town and Namibia. We spoke about Nelson Mandela and politics. Mokoena admits the role provided him with a great opportunity.

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He says the New York premier was interesting. There were those that read the book and expected the film to be the same as the book and were completely disappointed.

They failed to see the film as a separate entity.