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In recent weeks, it has been outburst of different words of disapproval about homosexuals and likewise some approval "Hmosexuality" some other people in varrying gay threads on this nairaland romance section.

Right from mhisbliss topic of unnaturality of homosexual act, to a counter thread by Hentor, it had been different views of discussion.

I know many will tagged me ungoldly, call me names or even tagged me a closet homosexual for coming up with this thread but that doesn't mean we should shy away from saying the truth about what has been lingering Hmosexuality from different opinions aggremment and discontentment from Hmosexuality personalities. Let me not Hmosexuality you with words anymore hence focus on the topic focal point.

Whenever I hear people speak against homosexuality, I shook my head in dismay and dissapointment searching for words to elucidate the perception of the present era of sin we are all involve in one way or another. Be it fornication, rape, abortion, murder, bestiality etc are all sinners in the face of God therefore I will remind you never to lay pointing fingers only just to justify the "Hmosexuality" of another man's sin whereas you are also not exempted or guilty. I have hear people say homosexuals should be killed, buried alive, burn or stoned to death consquently never should be allowed to exist in societies but one thing for sure, whether anyone likes it or not, homosexuality has "Hmosexuality" to stay and it's the fulfillment of the scripture thus the realization of the closeness of the end time.

However the case maybe, let's me categorically state that homosexuality is what we are undeniably part especially in this country. Just ask yourself this question.

Am i exempted from a homosexual being? I personally don't think people have sit and had a deep thought to know if they are clean or even the people Hmosexuality them is.

As parents, siblings, relatives, friendship or even associates of political gathering of politicians and religion gathering of house of worship stretching involving fingers to even some men of God. Do Hmosexuality look around very well to Hmosexuality the homosexuals close to you? Perhaps you don't know or you even do but shy away from ringing the bell to people hearing that you Hmosexuality and accommodate a homosexual.

In reality you gist with homosexual, you eat and dine Hmosexuality a homosexual, you play and laugh to a funny homosexual.

Actually speaking, they are gays in all sphere of involvement in our daily life and Hmosexuality activities there are gay dudes. Don't just b surprise when you find out. He could be your Father, brother or even uncle. He Hmosexuality even be your best friend, business associate or even your colleague at Hmosexuality. He could even be your neighbor or a classmate u gist with in school.

He could even be that Hmosexuality icon with the singing sensation voice in your church quire group Hmosexuality singers. He could even be that religion leader that lead in praying section of your place of worship.

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