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Liquidating a house


Senior Move Services takes the dread out of downsizing for seniors in Kansas City by simplifying the moving process and acting as each client's single point of contact. A later-life move requires making a lot of decisions.

Mar 28, A later-life move...

How do we deal with the stuff that's left behind? The "stuff" and what to do with it seems to be the number one reason people stay in their homes instead of relocating to smaller, safer and more manageable environments.

Choosing a liquidation method

After our clients have chosen what to move forward with them, they often want to give things to children and grandchildren. We have "Liquidating a house" boxes for the kids and arranged to have furniture shipped, all over the country. I often recommend that clients ask their children what they would like to have before we go to the trouble and expense of packing and shipping things they don't want.

Some clients have done their homework and arranged for an estate sale. Most have merely wondered about estate sales, auctions and donations. Many people think their stuff will bring a lot of money but times change and the dining room buffet, table and china cabinet that cost several thousand dollars and that you've used for 40 years may end up selling for a few hundred dollars.

Smaller-scale solutions

We've been in business Liquidating a house enough now to recognize who to recommend for the sale based on the kind and amount of items to be sold.

Often, an estate sale is not the best way to dispose of personal property. The location of the home and the time available to prepare for a sale may make it impossible but great alternatives exist.

Our contacts will bring the truck, tubs and people needed to take things they believe their clients will buy. They keep a percentage and you get a check. If you want to donate some of your items we list them and give you the fair market value of each item for Liquidating a house taxes.

It helps to know the rules and regulations for the local charities. Some will not come into the home, some will not take mattresses.

Some need a lot more information than others. Sometimes we find an item so unusual and perhaps valuable that we refer it to an appraiser.

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