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Spokane gay neighborhood


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That being said we don't imparticulary stand out and are not affectionate in public but just wanted to know which ares are more liberal. I've scrolled through the threads and only found one that was partially close to my question.

Any help is super appreciated as we've been doing a ton of research already been to Spokane very briefly but LOVED it and this is the one thing we haven't figured out. Thank you for your time and any help!! It's not like there's a particular area where just gay people live -- I'm sure there are gay people in all neighborhoods. You're better off Spokane gay neighborhood a neighborhood based on crime stats, drug use, yard upkeep and condition of the nearby homes than whether or not there are gays living there.

Great idea, I will look into those stats as well as the neighborhoods you mentioned!! I really appreciate all of your input!! Originally Posted by SunnyLin. Thank You so much, very helpful and much appreciated!!

Hi Redhead sorry it's taken so long to Spokane gay neighborhood Right now I live in Bigfork, Montana and although it's beautiful it's toooooo small a town for me and lacking in culture and diversity.

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That was to be expected though since Bigfork is so far removed Everyone is pretty friendly and helpful and it's nice for people that like living out in the middle of nowhere. I'm a city girl so although it's been great it's just too extreme a lifestyle for me I think living out in the middle of the wilderness is okay if I have shopping "Spokane gay neighborhood" culture not that far away which is why Spokane seems like the perfect fit.

Not sure if you Spokane gay neighborhood still looking for input, but I thought I would throw my two cents in and say that I would agree with the suggestions previously made.

Also, as a general rule of thumb people tend to be more conservative the farther north that you go. I live on the south hill and it is fairly liberal. That being said, I am quite conservative myself, but I think that I can honestly say that there Spokane gay neighborhood a live and let live mentality in most of Spokane.

The nation's largest gay rights...

I would hope that you would feel just as comfortable living next to me as you would an avid Obama supporter. I would truly "Spokane gay neighborhood" that I am correct in saying that if someone here is enough of a jerk to intentionally make you uncomfortable or close minded enough to unintentionally make you uncomfortable they are in the vast minority.

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TL;DR: Spokane is very gay-friendly...

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