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How to know if you are hookup a nice guy


So you met a total babe at a party. But did he just like your kissing skills, or does he want something more?

So how do you actually...

He pressures you to have sex with him. The festivities died down, his frat bros are already sleeping on the living room floor with permanent marker drawn all over their faces and the place reeks of vodka and sweat.

He offers to walk you home or ensures that you get home okay. He wants to take you out for brunch at your town diner. He wants to go for a walk around campus together.

While he may just be trying to charm your pants off, he could actually be in it for the long haul. Definitely give the date a go and try to catch his vibe. Or does he come off as genuine?

Bonus if he offers to help you in a time of need. Your car broke down a couple miles off of campus and you feel pretty screwed — until he offers to come rescue you aww.

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