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1dsexualfrustrations bromances


He said of the experience to The Sun: I remember crying about it. Harry 1dsexualfrustrations bromances loves getting naked. Harry was brought up "1dsexualfrustrations bromances" the beautiful village of Holmes Chapel in Cheshire. The village is 21 miles south of Manchester. He said of the Fab Four: At the time of writing 28th June he has 4, followers.

Harry and Louis are the only two members of One Direction who have passed their driving test.

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Before he took part in The 1dsexualfrustrations bromances Factor he had ambitions to be a lawyer! The shop had Harry posters and banners plastered over it during his time on the ITV show.

There was a year age gap between Harry and 1dsexualfrustrations bromances ex-girlfriend Caroline Flack — a relationship that sparked controversy in the press. Harry says he would happily date a fan! When asked he said: Despite constant media speculation, most have just been acquaintances. Harry secretly loves chick flicks and his favourite movies are Love Actually, Titanic and The Notebook. A big fan of animals, he also loves cats, dogs, hamsters, rabbits and even pigeons.

Harry want to lose his trademark curly locks but no-one will let him! And my argument is, like, I think my popularity is in my face, and not my hair.

"1dsexualfrustrations bromances" explained to The Sun: I need a good one. The springs have gone.

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Harry counts pop megastar Rihanna as one of his biggest fans. RiRi told The Mirror: He seems very sure. Justin Bieber claims that one of the biggest stars in music fancies Harry.

The Canadian told The Mirror: Harry had arguably the least imaginatively named pet ever — a pet hamster called Hamster.

According to his bandmates, Harry is the biggest schmoozer in One Direction. Liam Payne told The Mirror: Such is the bromance between Harry and Louis, many fans fuse their names together to create Larry Stylinson! Cheryl Cole claims she has seen Harry in his underwear. His mum Anne Cox told heat magazine: We want to thank each and every one of our fans in the US who bought our album and we would also like to thank the American public for being so supportive of us.

Earlier this year Harry was forced to take action following a series of back problems. He told The Sun: Harry has got a star tattoo on the inside of his left arm.

Each point apparently represents a member of One Direction. Unsurprisingly, Harry 1dsexualfrustrations bromances his job. If I had to call it a job, then this is my job, and I love my job.

Harry was so ill before his first X Factor audition he almost had to pull out! Speaking about his hospitalisation, he said: I remember I kept throwing up and then I got really bad and I started coughing up blood. The one person Harry would like to duet with — dead or alive — is Coldplay frontman Chris 1dsexualfrustrations bromances. He told the Daily Mirror: Rita Ora has a crush on "1dsexualfrustrations bromances." The songstress was left embarrassed when her friends made the revelation in an interview with MTV Push.

Harry has had a number of missiles thrown at him at 1D shows — including bras, knickers and even a tampon! Harry used to vomit before performing live with One Direction due to nerves. Thankfully his stomach has settled nowadays! The track reached number one in the UK and Ireland and raised tens of thousands of pounds for military charity 1dsexualfrustrations bromances The Heroes.

Once worn by Harry, the wristband 1dsexualfrustrations bromances part of a Believe In Magic sale — a charity that spreads Magic to seriously and terminally ill children with experiences to make their lives happier. Harry has a crush on Adele. She makes me go weak at the knees. And if you follow, thank you. Harry says the best thing about being in 1D is getting to travel the planet 1dsexualfrustrations bromances your best friends and having fun. One Direction were so exhausted from constantly touring that in March this year they all had vitamin injections to boost their energy levels.

Harry had his in his bum! Harry is big fan of supercars. In addition to the normal pair he has two tiny ones further down his chest. Harry has joked that if all the 1D members liked the same girl they would fight for her. He told Top of the Pops Magazine: But if that were to happen? In earlyHarry played an ace prank his bandmate Zayn Malik. Harry suffers badly from hay fever. In July he sarcastically wrote on Twitter: Simple Things theme by Dan 1dsexualfrustrations bromances. Harry Styles Bio 1.

Harry was born on 1st February making him the youngest member of One Direction. 1dsexualfrustrations bromances middle name is Edward. It was Harry who came up with the band name One Direction.

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Harry supports Manchester United. Harry likes to stay fit by playing tennis and badminton in his spare 1dsexualfrustrations bromances. Harry cites David Hasselhoff as one of his biggest heroes.

Harry hates it when people bite caps off glass bottles. Harry has a couple "1dsexualfrustrations bromances" cool skills - juggling and playing the kazoo! The first gig Harry ever attended was Nickelback in Manchester. If Harry had one superpower it would be to time travel.

Liam is the only 1D member to call him it. Before big school, Harry attended a pre-school called Happy Days.

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The one celebrity Harry would most like to meet is David Beckham. Harry suffers from Ophidiophobia - a fear of snakes. He hates olives and beetroot.

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Harry has a year-old sister called Gemma. Harry has well over fan pages on Facebook. As of 28th JuneHarry is following people on Twitter. Harry attended Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School.

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