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Tumblr nude beach couples


I made the transition to ebooks years ago. What can I say? I want to see her parted lips and straining muscles as her fingers, or mine, or both, rapidly work between her thighs.

We shake the bed with our orgasms, curl up against each other, and fade into the night with heartfelt contentment. I came first, just as I tend to do with my wife. Two Tumblr nude beach couples us then began to blow the same guy at the same time, and after his load was released, the couple returned their attention to me.

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They took turns blowing me, trying to get me to come a second time. When I came back to get my phone later, they were going at each other, one of them on top of the other, pumping away at his mouth. The next day, we went at it again.

They both started with blowing me, and I came even quicker than the day before.

Then they positioned themselves so that I could fit both of their dicks in my mouth at one time. He came, his warm liquids splashing across my genitals. When his boyfriend stopped sucking, I asked him to get on top of me and to thrust into my mouth.

He did, and before he came, he asked if I was ready to taste cum. I was too nervous to taste it the first time, but after feeling the sensation of it splashing against me, I said yes. He unloaded into the back of my throat.

haulover-beach: “Couples enjoying Haulover Beach,...

I was curious growing up, long before I ever thought it would be okay. Then as I learned that sexuality was more complex, I began to accept that these desires.

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Last night my wife asked me to describe the experience in detail via IM. She masturbated to my words and called me up as she got closer, so I could hear her moans, hear how turned on she was, and hear her orgasm.

So much has happened this week.

I came out to my two best friends, revealing to them that my wife and I were monogamish. We were already close, but now our bond is even stronger.

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