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It is the 31st most extensive and the 25th most populous of the 50 United States. Louisiana is bordered by Arkansas to the north, Mississippi to the east, the Gulf of Mexico to the south, and the state of Texas to the west.

A large part of its eastern boundary is demarcated by the Mississippi River. Louisiana is the only U. The state's capital is Baton Rouge , and its largest city is New Orleans.

Much of the state's lands were formed from sediment washed down the Mississippi River , leaving enormous deltas and vast areas of coastal marsh and swamp. There are also many species of tree frogs , and fish such as sturgeon and paddlefish.

In more elevated areas, fire is a natural process in the landscape, and has produced extensive areas of longleaf pine forest and wet savannas. These support an exceptionally large number of plant species, including many species of orchids and carnivorous plants.

Some Louisiana urban environments have a multicultural, multilingual heritage, being so strongly influenced by a mixture of 18th-century French , Haitian , Spanish , Native American , and African cultures that they are considered to be exceptional in the US. Vid2c

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  • Professor Raff Donelson's essay “Three Problems with Metaethical . and one on...
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The Schneebaum Award is presented to an administrator of one of the qualifying rounds of the competition held around the world. In , a second branch, the Bureau of Criminal Investigations, was formed. Journal of Coastal Research, v. Benjamin — , who represented Louisiana in the U. By in the northwestern part of the state, the Fourche Maline culture had evolved into the Caddoan Mississippian culture.

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That testimony is available here , at Canals dug for the oil and gas industry also allow storms to move sea water inland, where it damages swamps and marshes. In , a bill was passed which eventually consolidated the two sheriff's departments into one parish sheriff responsible for both civil and criminal matters. A study of an unusual snapping turtle with one lung found shared characteristics with humans born with one lung who survive beyond infancy.

It lost one House seat due to stagnant population growth in the Census. Issues covered included how law and humanities fits in the new legal education framework, its importance in furthering the goals of legal education, and methods and approaches to the topic. He extended patronage control through every branch of Louisiana's state government.

Adam henry lsu wife sexual dysfunction

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