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Crap in bed

I have a 7mo DD...

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My boyfriend of 2 years...

We have a brilliant team of more than 60 Support Team members looking after discussions on The Crap in bed Room, helping to make it a fun, safe and useful place to hang out. View your post below. We just need to check something in your message and will publish it as soon as we can. Accommodation home and forums Accommodation homepage Student accommodation forum Find your flatmates. Accommodation advice What's your perfect uni city?

Sounds harsh, doesn't it –...

How to spot a nightmare flatmate What you need to know about halls. Living in halls Crap in bed to choose your halls Six times you'll be glad you went ensuite What you need to know about private halls.

Undergraduate Full time Part time. Turn on thread page Beta Toggle. Start new discussion Reply. I didn't really enjoy myself much as he didn't really know what he was doing and the whole thing was a bit awkward and not that great, but I fake moaned and all the rest of it.

I was fine with this as in the past sex has always been disappointing initially and then has gone on to be amazing. I figured we could work on it.

I think he was hinting that I fit into the latter category. I'm really hurt by this - he hasn't seemed to want to have sex with me at all since we did it that time, he avoids talking about it and he's been quite distant in general since then. But I'm really upset and don't want to bring this up again because I'm scared of what he might say - and he's already wrecked my sexual confidence.

Follow 2 Well if he doesn't want to have sex with you, I'm sure there are other people who would Follow 3 Follow 4 Follow 5 Follow Crap in bed You definitely need to communicate this to him next time if you're feeling niceor tell him that you faked it if you're not. Cyborgasm Follow 0 followers 2 badges Send Crap in bed private message to Cyborgasm.

Follow "Crap in bed" Dump him, find an appreciative one. Crap in bed Follow 10 followers 14 badges Send a private message to Reflexive. Follow 8 Follow 9 Is it even possible for a girl to be crap in bed? Follow 10 Original post by Anonymous long story short, I'm with somebody new and we had sex the other day.

Follow 11 Original post by The Dark Lord Well if he doesn't want to have sex with you, I'm sure there are other people who would Follow 12 Follow 13 Get some pornos, watch them, try the moves and move on.

Become a porn star and show him who's crap in bed! Follow 14 Maybe he was trying to shift the focus onto you so that you'd think he was rubbish because you were rubbish?

Try and be nice about it, say there were things he could have done better, and ask him to tell you what he thinks you did badly? Communication is key to a good sex life. Follow 15 How do you know he wasn't hinting the first one? Follow 16 Your boyfriend sounds like an ass. Follow 17 Blueflare Follow 9 followers 15 badges Send a private message to Blueflare.

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