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Wedding day makeup ideas


You probably already have a vague idea of what kind of makeup you want for your big day, whether it's subtle definition, smoky eyes, a bold lip, etc. However, there's endless variations of these signature categories. Instead of relying solely on buzzwords, share photos of looks you love with your makeup artist to ensure that you're both speaking the same beauty language.

Browse beauty shots from real weddings and bridal shoots for inspiration; plus, learn how to get the look! A light wash of eyeshadow, pearly pink lip and subtle bronzer are all you need to create an elegant appearance. Allison of Allison Roth Studio. Classic beauties can Wedding day makeup ideas go wrong with matte neutral shadow, defined upswept eyeliner, and rosy blush and lipstick. Anabelle LaGuardia Makeup Artistry. This look works wonderfully for a beach, forest, or any other outdoor ceremony.

For a delicate and romantic wedding-day look, use pale pink hues on your lips and cheeks, and warm nude tones on the eyes. We love this timeless, romantic look. Her wedding spoke of vintage romance, and we wanted the makeup to reflect that as well," says Shannon Van Horn from Lasting Luxe Makeup Artistry.

This is also a great alternative for brides who love pin-up makeup but don't want a red lip. Lasting Luxe Makeup Artistry. Instead of applying a full set of falsies, this bride added a few individual lashes from the middle out, which made her eyes appear larger and almond-shaped.

Bella Bridal Napa Valley. A glamorous engagement shoot set the stage for this bride-to-be's makeup look. Shimmery gold eyeshadow was applied to her eyelid up to the crease, and blended into a more matte brown shadow, for just the right amount of sparkle.

Both brides wanted to look like themselves but still have their own unique style. Laura pictured in the green dress preferred a lip stain instead of a lipstick.

Her makeup artist used peaches and browns to bring out the color in her green eyes, and applied bronzer to contour and warm up her complexion. Sam pictured in the cream dress requested a nude lip. Gold shadows were used to emphasize her big blue eyes. Accessorizing your gown with an elaborate floral crown or headpiece, like this bride did? Go with makeup hues just a few shades darker than your natural skin tone for a balanced look. She applied individual eyelashes starting at the outer corner of the eye, Wedding day makeup ideas kept adding towards the inner corner, stopping midway.

She also advises applying lip liner all over your lips for long-lasting wear. Her whole beauty look, including her bouncy hairstyle, matched the vibe of her Wedding day makeup ideas wedding dress," says Sharon Becker from SB Beauty.

Need wedding makeup ideas? Our...

She used airbrush foundation on top of Wedding day makeup ideas correction and concealer, followed by the bride's own powder foundation. This bride's sophisticated makeup encompassed shimmery taupe shadow, black liquid eyeliner, individual lash clusters, airbrush foundation, illuminating powder, and luminescent peach blush and lipstick. This bride's mesmerizing eyes were contoured to emulate an almond eye shape with warm plum and brown shadows and a pop of pink shimmer on the lid.

Pink cheeks and lips complete the romantic look. This "Spanish Rose"-inspired makeup look complemented the bride's velvety skin. Most importantly, I used matte primer on her nose and chin, and a regular primer on the rest of the face," says Sharon Becker from SB Beauty. Sharon Becker, SB Beauty. She used a shimmery champagne on the lid, a light brown in the crease, and a deeper brown in the outer corner of the Wedding day makeup ideas. Liquid liner and lots of waterproof mascara finished off the look.

A sophisticated look for the bride who loves wearing makeup but wants to look timeless in her photos. Different colors of airbrush foundation were mixed to achieve a custom hue. And how gorgeous is her eyeliner?

The ultimate glowing bride! This look is ideal for brides who want their makeup to feel photo-ready yet still somewhat understated.

Luminiscent foundation and primer are a must for an all-over glow. Although contouring may seem daunting, this bride proves that subtle definition is all you need to enhance your facial structure through makeup.

LnL Professional Makeup Artist. This bride's makeup featured a monochromatic pink color scheme and focused on a radiant wedding-day glow. It's perfect for a spring or summer wedding or anyone who wants to DIY their makeup the makeup artist swears it's "quite simple to recreate".

Want to look just as angelic as you feel? She recommends applying a cheek stain before foundation to achieve a very natural finish. The 'bridal glow' comes in a bottle! She opted to apply individual lashes instead of strip lashes so there would be no chance of them popping off in the corners.

This bride's makeup look showcased her stunning skin. I chose lots of bronzes and golds with pink on the lips Wedding day makeup ideas bronzer to contour," says Shannon Van Horn from Lasting Luxe Makeup Artistry. We can't decide what's dreamier — this groom's sweet kiss on the cheek or his blushing bride's radiant complexion.

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