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Liquidating the forests of ireland


By Donal Whelan and Henry Phillips.

The forests of Ireland are...

There are a number of valuation methods which can be employed to value a forest crop. The four main potential valuation methods include:. This involves valuing the forest crop at cost i. This method of valuation would generally only be applicable tovery young crops, and would generally be employed by an owner to update the value for accounting purposes on an annual basis.

While there may be certain circumstances in young crops in which this valuation method might be used, it does not take into account the productivity of Liquidating the forests of ireland crop, which ultimately will define its value.

Also, sites of lower productivity may be more difficult and costly to develop and establish due to difficult site conditions, poor drainage, repeated fertiliser requirements, elevation, poor access and other factors.

Because higher Liquidating the forests of ireland may be involved in establishing such areas they would be given higher values employing this valuation method than areas of higher productivity. The most important factor that militates against employing this method of valuation in recent years is that grant aid will currently cover the entire costs involved in developing and establishing a plantation.