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Matchmaking takes forever csgo


There can't be that few people playing on a Saturday night, can there? For the record this is a problem when I got home from work between pm Pacific time.

Raikoh posted post For the record this is a problem when I get home from Matchmaking takes forever csgo between pm Pacific time. I was wondering the same thing. Just sat for at least 30 minutes in Matchmaking Queue.

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After trying a few 5 minute waits before that. Have to say, agree with you on the match making side so far I've had But I can't be the only guy online lol apart from that loving the game! I'm up over 30 minutes on my queue too.

Long Matchmaking queue times (5-30...

Does it help to cancel after for example 5 minutes and re-queue? I wish there was some sort of general chat if there is one, it's my first day and I haven't found it yet to pass the time in while I wait.

I'm gonna add some extra info, and log my attempts. Today is my first day of playing after completing the tutorial last night before going to bed. I am currently rank Matchmaking takes forever csgo the game and trying again. Canceled queue and immediately restarted. It seems like if you wait more than a minute, you should cancel the queue and restart it. I've been doing that now for a bit and I get games all the time now.

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