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Sexy villainess


One thing "Sexy villainess" of them share in common are their extremely good looks. Below is a list of 10 of the sexiest horror movie villainesses! She is as beautiful as he his hideous. Julia is sensual and deadly, two traits that do not go well together. She uses her beauty to lure men to their deaths and definitely earns a place on this list. Well, at least in the film she Sexy villainess. Henstridge was a supermodel at the time, so it was a smart move to cast her as the alien seductress.

While we only got to spend a short amount of time with her before she was turned into a doll, but at least we got that super hot dance scene before she turned.

Evelyn is sultriness personified. She is a sleek, sexy and also batshit insane. Everyone loves Captain Spaulding, but Baby was always my favorite member of the Firefly clan. Formerly an unattractive geek which I wish the film would have shown usshe partners with her friend Emmett in an agreement to murder all of their tormenters and suicide pact which Sexy villainess later backs out of. Heard is undeniably sexy in the role and the perfect actress to play Mandy Lane.

20. Talia al Ghul –...

Those are just my picks! What are some of yours?

19. Xenia Onatopp – GoldenEye...

Let me know in the comments below or Tweet me! He enjoys spending time with his husband and their adorable dog Coach McGuirk. He's also a pretty decent cook.

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Yes. The original idea for his outfit was also a pirate hat. In a next version I will draw her with the complete outfit.

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Reply. Prev; Next. no copyright infringement intended More villainessess: The 12 is an unnamed scene where I don`t now the name. Many of the Sexy villainess on this list use their sexuality to lure men to their deaths. Below is a list of 10 of the sexiest horror movie villainesses!.

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