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Thaila Zucchi replaced Hudson as the third co-host and made her debut on the series in two items: In this series, Reeves took over as host from Richard Hammondwho had left the show. Brainiac recording on location Series 1 [ edit ] Series 1 featured a wide variety of experiments including testing to see whether a mobile phone would ignite petrol vapours, walking on custard and testing the effects of electric shocks on various Brainiacs.

Table salt, made of sodium chloride, also has sodium in it, but It also introduced a new feature called "Brainiac for a Day", where contestants could bring an item of their choice to blow up. Science 2 years ago 0: There is also a "Vereinsregister karlsruhe online dating" called "Things What My Body Does", in which a member of the public is filmed doing something extraordinary with their bodies.

Alkali metals in water REAL d nn 11 years ago very similar to my other videobut with a bit larger ammounts of sodium and potassium. Sodium Explodes in Water We kept this vigorous Vereinsregister karlsruhe online dating in a non-exploding regime and observed a fascinating richness of The second series also introduced Charlotte Hudson as a third, but minor, host, and saw the introduction of what then became long term character "Professor Myang-Li", played by Rachel Vereinsregister karlsruhe online dating. Hammond's growing commitments to Top Gear and his contract with the BBC meant that he was finding it increasingly difficult to fulfil his role as presenter of Brainiac.

Alkali metal roulette - reacting sodium and potassium with acid Royal Society Of Chemistry 2 years ago Students generally make three requests after seeing the reaction of alkali metals with water: Series 2 [ edit ] Series 2 saw the start of "Brainiac Snooker ", in which World Snooker professional Quinten Hann would pot the last six balls on a table into pockets connected to fuses which, upon potting a ball, would cause a caravan rigged with a different explosive to explode.

Kilcoyne, Associate Dean of the University of Sunderland had a regular slot where he mixed various chemicals to see whether they "fizz" or "bang".

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