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Konwent czarownic online dating


Sorry, preview is currently unavailable. You can download the paper by clicking the button above. Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Muzeum Zachodniokaszubskie w Bytowie. Muzeum Zachodniokaszubskie w Bytowie Ul. Already during the preliminary stages of our preparations we sought Konwent czarownic online dating confront this topic from the widest angle possible.

We were very open towards traditional scientific approaches, but also welcomed new and unconventional perspectives which had the capacity to challenge and change the existing dogmas.

Our invitation was directed both towards the established scholars, but also towards young academics from various fields — archaeologists, historians and anthropologists working with different kinds of material, methods and historical periods.

It is worth noting that in Poland the notion of heads and faces was previously explored during an interesting exhibition Zapomniane oblicza. Czech Republic, Iceland and Sweden.

Most of the articles included herewith were published in English, while others are in Polish. Nevertheless, all of them contain extensive summaries which will make them accessible to both Polish and Anglophone readers.

The studies collected in this volume demonstrate that human heads were attributed special meanings already in the Stone Age. From these early times come peculiar burials in which the bodies of the deceased — including their heads or skulls — were covered with red ochre.

The written accounts Konwent czarownic online dating later periods suggest that in many Indo-European mythologies one may encounter the concept of creating the world from the body of a primordial being.

A particularly vivid example is known from Norse mythology where the sky is created from the skull of the giant Ymir. There is also evidence which allows for associating skulls with drinking vessels — this is implied not only by the written accounts, but also by linguistic analyses.

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Moreover, we know that among some societies human heads were cut off and kept as war trophies in different forms and places.

Interestingly, the written accounts and archaeological evidence suggests that some heads may have also been offered to the pagan gods. Decapitation itself — in the light of the various sources examined in this volume — appears to be a very old and widespread practice with multiple layers of meanings.

We would like to express our warmest thanks for their engagement, support and faith in the success of our initiative.

Last but not least we also wish to thank all participants for attending our conference and for their interesting contributions. A Reader, London and New York. Faces of the Past. A Theoretical Osteoarchaeology, Cambridge. How Humans Invented Death, London.

Corpus hominis jako kategoria kulturowa, Lublin. Co dla nas jednak najistotniejsze: Konteksty 52 Representations and Remains in the Archaeological "Konwent czarownic online dating," red. Within these new developments were, for example, the history of the body, sociology of the body, and finally the anthropology of the body.

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