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Laws that criminalize racist or xenophobic expression still divide the Nordic country. The EU wants all its members to have similar rules penalizing this discourse, which has become standard among Islamophobes and is impossible to control online.

Still no deal reached with Culture Ministry Punto radio catalonia online dating free-of-charge loan of paintings that expired Monday. Incident highlights divided opinions in a still overwhelmingly male-dominated society. Macri administration pledges to stop foreigners with criminal records from entering the country. The vessel, thought to have been carrying fermented fish sauce, sank off Cabrera for reasons that remain a mystery.

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Investigators believe results of analysis may help design future asteroid deflection missions. The elimination of all well-founded criticism is the priority of the new populism, which intends to liquidate our current system of values. Corruptour aims to show participants economic fraud is not inevitable and can be stopped.

Sandwich bread or nachos? In the United States, the answers prove Trump's wall not culinary.

Guardiola meets Catalan pro-independence prisoners...

Use of minors by criminal gangs in Argentina prompts call for age of criminal responsibility to be lowered. Regional parliament approves motion to debate proposal to change Spanish penal code.

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The job market created overpositions inalthough the labor force keeps shrinking. Social network backs quality journalism by placing our content in user news feeds. Facebook is taking necessary and welcome steps to fight lies and highlight quality journalism.

The lies on social networks played a decisive role in the US presidential campaign.

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But there are mechanisms to prevent this from happening. The Venezuela-born head of a billion-dollar global fashion empire came to design by chance when she was 42 and a mother of Punto radio catalonia online dating. New methods of payment will substitute paper money in the future.

Sincethe Catalan regional government has been developing its own, forgotten, tax collector. Relive the eventful visit of the Canadian heartthrob to the Catalan capital through its impact on social media. Students from the Pompeu Fabra University will be adapting content about Catalonia into English for an international audience. It can take years for an innocent third party caught up in a criminal investigation to get belongings returned, if at all.

Opinion in Casasimarro is split about a plaque honoring the memory of a resident killed in by neo-fascists.