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What to write in a second message online hookup


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Wondering how to write an...

Search in titles only Search in Online Game only Search. I don't have too much trouble with my opener, but where I seem to lose a lot of chicks is with the second message I send after they reply to my intro. I've tried "So how is XXX site working out for you- any good dates? Also, many chicks have so little in their profiles that I can't really comment on anything.

Anyone have a good second message that "hooks" a girl? Try a question opener that sets up a second message, like a "choose your own adventure" book. That's what I'm currently experimenting with. Originally posted by n3rv1 View Post. Cuz I'd fuck your mom. Totally agree with Dude I don't chase replies from girls; which is a trap most guys fall into.

Infact, i deliberately keep my messages short and neutral. But did this improve my lay rate? I was still fucking the girls i would've fucked even if i sent my standard messages; or girls who message me first. Let me put it this way.

Getting 10 replies and fucking one of those girls who replied, is exactely the same as getting 2 replies and fucking one.

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You still layed one girl. I think most girls go with that initial gut instinct when they see a guy's profile and pictures. So in a funny way, trying too hard to get a reply is actually counter-productive in the long run.

Originally Answered: What are the...

What word do you think they would pick? I always gave the same reply and it got boring so I told them they cant ask me the same question and I'm sure they are creative enough to think of their own.

At dude Do you pitch What to write in a second message online hookup date on site or do you move them along to facebook or a phone number for texting? I find that asking to hang out on facebook has a higher success rate then asking on the dating site.

Originally posted by AlphaVirgin View Post. My second message is pretty standard what do you do for work and play?

There's no hook involved, but they'll most always reply. Just make sure, if you aren't already doing this, to first add a tie-in to what she previously said, cause otherwise it'll sound like you're just ignoring what she says and throwing questions at her.

Recently switched my 2nd to a quick, usually playful response to what she gave me back from my opener, followed by a qualifying question. Then again, I think my opener is direct enough to weed out anyone who wouldn't actually hang, so I just have to not fuck up after they respond.

Originally posted by lifebytheballs View Post.

I'll try it out, if I can find the right wording. You must be thinking of a more obvious form of qualifying. I just have them tell me about themselves no boring, innocuous shit. The specifics are BD's intellectual property, so I'll leave that up to him. Doing it again on two new girls today. I should note that I've only had a chance to try this on 7s. Might be different for the SHBs.

First Message Strategy #2: Connect...

What are some quick examples of qualifying messages you send? Help Contact Us Go to top. So you've passed the awkward “first contact” stage of online dating.

You sent the first message, they replied – congratulations, everyone is onboard and ready to roll! If you're not proud of your height, say, “I'm short, but what I lack in height. Wondering how to write an online dating message?

Get dating message examples and advice to start writing dating messages that get replies. somebody a second message when they don't respond to the first?

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